Trends for A Reimagined Kitchen

The COVID pandemic has most of us spending more time in our homes and in our kitchens. Has the additional time in your kitchen got you thinking about things you would love to change? Or, are you thinking about updating your kitchen because you are planning to put your house on the market? If kitchen design has been on your mind then this month’s blog is for you. From colors to cabinetry, we cover several trends in kitchen design to consider if a remodel is in your future.

Neutral Colors

Using a neutral color palette in your kitchen design continues to be an on trend move. Experts suggest that neutral colors such as beige, white, greige and sage offer an excellent foundation for a well-designed kitchen. One benefit of neutral colors is that they won’t compete with light in the room and will actually make the space feel larger. Neutral colors also make it easy to incorporate pops of color into the overall design with boldly colored accessories such as towels and artwork. Some currently popular neutral paint colors include these by Benjamin Moore: Linen White, Cream Fleece, Classic Gray, Saybrook Sage and Swiss Coffee.


Experts recommend using durable countertops in your design as the best way to maximize a return on your kitchen renovation investment. Quartz countertops are an on-trend countertop material to do just that. Neutral in color, incredibly durable and beautiful, quartz is the current go-to option for kitchen countertops. Although it can be more expensive than other options, design experts agree that its durability and modern look will offer a return on investment making it worth the higher price tag. Dark countertops are another trending option right now. To use this trend consider pairing dark glossy countertops or deep-toned wood counters with light colored cabinetry & tile. The contrast of light and dark will result in a bold and modern look for your kitchen.


If you cook often, have a family, or just like kitchen gadgets then you probably have lots of cookware in your kitchen. If you are tired of looking at all of your kitchen wares & gadgets use wall-to-wall cabinetry in your kitchen renovation plans. Top-to-bottom and wall-to-wall cabinets are an ideal way to stay on trend while storing all of those kitchen wares out of sight. A similar design option that speaks to a minimalist aesthetic, is clean lined cabinetry. This type of cabinetry option will provide sleek and modern storage with little to no visible hardware.

Energy Efficiency

More and more homeowners and buyers are keenly aware of our environmental impact and are making choices that reflect this awareness.  A big trend in home design is making design choices that promote energy efficiency. If a kitchen renovation is in your future consider installing new energy efficient windows and energy star rated appliances. Both the environment and your wallet will benefit from this 2021 trend.

Renovating or redesigning your home’s kitchen is often a big project. The result, however, can add great value to your home. For more information about 2021 kitchen trends please visit this article from HGTV. If you have questions about how to get your home ready to sell or if you are looking to purchase a home please give me a call.