Tips for Moving with Pets in the Denver Metro Area

You’ve found the perfect home and moving day is rapidly approaching. You’ve made all of the preparations and are starting to pack, but what about your pet(s)? The weeks leading up to a move and moving day are hard on everyone, but the changes can be particularly stressful for our pet(s). This month, I look at some general tips to help ease the stress of moving for your pet(s) and I offer some great pet friendly locations in the Denver Metro area where you can take your furry family member for some fun once the big move is done.

Pet Identification

As part of your moving checklist, ensuring your pets have proper identification should be at the top of your list. Prior to moving, consider having your pets microchipped and outfit them with a collar that has their current rabies license and an identification tag. Make sure to include the pet’s name and your contact information on the ID tag. Also, keep some current photographs of your pet(s) handy. When you get to your new neighborhood share the photos with your new neighbors so that they know who your pet(s) are. That way if one of your pets happens to wander away from your home, a neighbor will be more likely to recognize your pet and facilitate his/her safe return.

Reduce Pet Anxiety

Reducing your pet’s anxiety is key to keeping them at ease during your move. One way to do this is familiarize your pet(s) with the moving supplies.  A few days before you begin packing, leave some empty boxes and packing tape around so that your pet(s) can sniff them and get familiar with the scents.  As things get packed it may also be comforting for your pet to create a retreat spot. Put some favorite toys, blankets, and bedding in a spot that will stay the same until moving day. This will help maintain a sense of normalcy for your pet even if the rest of the home is in chaos. Similarly, try to stick to your pet’s daily routine as best as possible. Keep walks and feeding at the same time to reduce feelings of uncertainty that they might be experiencing.  If possible, have a family member or trusted friend to watch your pet(s) on moving day. Knowing that your furry family members are safely out of the way of movers and in a calm environment will lower their stress and likely yours as well! Click here for even more tips from the ASPCA for getting your pet moving day ready.

Finding A New Vet

Chances are your move will take you to a new part of the city and far enough away from your vet that you will need to find a new one. Prior to moving, make sure to get a full copy of your pet’s vet records from your current veterinarian. To begin the search for a new vet, start by researching practices that are close to your new home. Some initial questions to ask of a potential practice include asking if they have emergency hours and if they are AAHA accredited. Finally, if possible, schedule a tour of the practices that look like they will meet your care and location requirements. A tour will give you the opportunity to ask questions specific to your pet’s needs and will give you a chance to get a sense for the practice and the vet’s style of care.

Include your Pet on Saturday Outing

The move is over and you are settling into your new home. Now it’s time to enjoy an afternoon with your pet(s). There are a number of wonderful pet friendly parks and restaurants across Denver. Below I have included a brief list of good dog parks in the Denver Metro area as well as several restaurants that allow dogs.

For more information on dog parks in Denver click here and for more dog friendly restaurants click here.

Dog Parks| Lowry Dog Park, Stapleton Off Leash Park, Sloan’s Lake, Berkeley Dog Park, Willow Bark Park and Belleview Station Dog Park

Dog Friendly Restaurants | The Watering Bowl, Kaos Pizzeria, Just Be Kitchen and Ugly Dog Sports Café

Moving is stressful for all members of the family. Hopefully, these tips will make your next move with your pet(s) a little easier. I enjoy helping my clients navigate all aspects of the real estate process so, if you are considering moving or have questions about Denver real estate give me a call.