Six Tips to Prevent Porch Pirates

Six Tips to Prevent Porch Pirates

Packages delivered to our homes are easy targets for theft, making porch pirating a particularly common crime. According to home security group Safewise, Denver is ranked as a top city with the most porch pirates in the United States. Thousands of people experience their packages being stolen each year, especially during the holiday season. Here are some tips to help prevent porch pirates.

Have the Package Delivered to Work.
One smart way to prevent packages from being taken is to not have them on your doorstep at all. Try having your packages delivered to your place of work so that the delivery is secure. Another option is to have a package delivered to a friend or family member’s house that you know will be home. This also helps with keeping secret gifts a surprise.

Take Advantage of an Amazon Locker.
You can now have most Amazon purchases delivered to a nearby Amazon Locker for a secure pickup. These lockers are located in grocery stores, malls and apartment buildings and offer a convenient and safe way to pick up your package. Simply enter the code Amazon gives you in your order confirmation and you will find your order inside. If you are not ordering from Amazon, many stores offer pickup at their location instead of delivery.

Try a Lock Box.
With porch pirates on the rise, many manufacturers have created package lock boxes to keep parcels secure on a home’s porch. Some boxes contact you when a delivery person has arrived allowing you to open the lock from your phone and locking it again once the package has been placed inside. There are a variety of different styles and sizes to choose from on Amazon.

Install Camera Doorbells.
Although this does not prevent someone from taking a package from your doorstep, installing a camera doorbell may act as a deterrent. Ring is a great option that offers multiple security features that can be integrated in the app. The system can notify you when motion is detected and gives you the option to use the microphone feature in real time. The doorbell can also store footage to use as evidence if a crime is committed.

Conceal the Porch.
An effective way to hide packages on your doorstep can be with potted plants, outdoor furniture or yard art. This offers a safe place for a package to be delivered and not noticed from the street. You can even specify in your delivery notes to “place the package behind the red pot” to help with the delivery.

Use Motion Lights.
Now that is gets darker earlier, many packages are left sitting outside at night. Have a motion light near your door, or a porch light on an automatic timer, to deter any criminal activity.

It is projected that people will spend over $160 billion shopping online this holiday season. Hundreds of thousands of packages are predicted to be delivered this month, leaving the probability for theft incredibly high. Try some of our tips above and make sure your holiday gifts are delivered safely.