Rainy Summer Garden Care

Usually by summertime, we are looking for ways to rescue our garden from dry and hot conditions. Not this year! Fortunately, Denver has already seen more precipitation this year than all of 2018. With all this rainfall, it’s a good idea to address concerns in your lawn before problem areas get out of hand. Here are some steps you can take to care for your garden after heavy rain.

Amending lawn

Our lawns love water, but too much can suffocate the roots of the sod and kill the plant. You may have noticed some areas of your lawn that look dead or have developed thatch. Here are some steps to remedying the problem: 

  1. Rake up the dry thatch.
  2. Use a Kentucky Blue Grass and Rye Mix for a rich looking lawn. 
  3. Spread generously, more than directions say, in bare areas.
  4. Put a top soil on that is for covering seed in lawns. (We like Boss which is available at O’Toole’s Garden Center.)
  5. Usually you have to water twice a day (if water restrictions allow), but with all the rain we have had, you won’t need to this year.

Planting Flowers

Take advantage of the unusually rainy summer and plant flowers that will respond well. We love dahlias, zinnias and roses this year. You can grow these flowers from seed or pick up young or mature varieties at a nursery. These varieties work well in containers (pots and hanging baskets) or in your garden. 

Tend to Your Vegetable Garden

If you are growing your own vegetables, now is a good time to check and see if there are any exposed roots. Often, too much water can expose the root and dry out the plant. Examine your plants and cover up any exposed roots with soil.

After a nice rain shower, you can harvest some lettuce and mint. Both of these love wet conditions and taste especially delicious after some rain. 

Check out our blog on starting your own summer vegetable garden.

Need help with lawn or gardening project?

Below are our picks for great work in the Denver area at reasonable prices. Don’t forget to mention us when calling:

Jerry Piper of Piper Sprinkler (303-733-3905) for fixing and upgrading sprinkler systems.

Rob Holley of A Touch of Grass (303-257-1489) for mowing and general lawn care.