Establish Your Small Business in Denver with a Productive Office Space

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Today, small businesses and start-ups make up more business than large corporations and have changed the way people get the job done. According to the Colorado Small Business Development Center, 97.6 percent of businesses in Colorado are small businesses. Unlike 20 years ago, we’re able to conduct business without having to physically meet with one another through email, texting, social media, and other online platforms.

So, today, what is the point of meeting face-to-face when there are so many ways we can reach one another online? Is there something we’re missing by not being in the same space as those we do business with? We think there is a benefit to having an office space as a small business, a start-up or entrepreneur, even with the abundance of technology.

Face-to-Face Communication Means More

As mentioned before, the number of ways we can connect online is always growing. With more channels of communication, our information becomes saturated. It’s harder to identify what is important and what is just noise. How often do we misinterpret an email or text because we receive no inflection or intent?

Being able to see someone talk about something changes the way we view it. That’s why we use hand gestures and facial expressions. When up to 93 percent of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues, a face-to-face meeting becomes vital. It allows you to inform your clients or business partners what is truly important and why. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, it’s important to remember that “you do business with people, not entities.

An Office Space Looks More Professional

While meeting at a nearby Starbucks serves its purpose, having a client or customer meet you at your office adds a professional touch. If your business is in its infancy, you may not have a strong reputation for yourself just yet. Having a space of your own gives your business credibility and momentum.

Productivity Goes Up

Working from home in our pajamas is the dream, but have you noticed yourself being distracted by dogs barking, leaf blowers, or the urge to wander into the kitchen? If you do the digital commute, you may relate to BuzzFeed’s “The Problems With Working From Home” article. Yes, there are pros to working from home, but when the cons start outweighing them an office could be the answer.

Having a dedicated space to perform business can make a difference in what your business is able to accomplish and encourages collaboration with teammates. It can also cut down on those distractions and separates business from home life. When you can be reached any time of day, this separation is extremely important to your overall well-being.

I am a firm believer in supporting the needs of the community. Having access to a commercial database allows me to assist all business owners in finding their ideal office space. All businesses, whether well established or just starting out, have specific expectations and requirements for their place of business. I enjoy learning about what your business does so I can help you find a space that will best suit your needs. With your list of requirements and my knowledge of the greater Denver area, we can find the perfect place for your business to thrive.

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