5 Tips for Decorating to Sell Your Home

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How you make a home ready to show to potential buyers is a crucial part of getting your home sold and sold quickly. In this month’s blog, we explore 5 decorating tips that are surefire ways to prepare a home’s interior to wow potential buyers ”to make an offer.” 


Making your interior shine from top to bottom is critical to creating a welcoming experience for buyers. Every surface and floor should be dust and dirt-free including windows, floorboards, ceiling fan blades, door knobs, etc. If time or workload make this a tough one to complete then consider hiring a professional cleaning company. This tip can’t be overstated and shouldn’t be overlooked. Think of this as you would selling your car. Even if your car is used, you would repair the dents and clean it before putting it up for sale. The time, effort and money you spend on making your house sparkle will pay for itself when the sale is successful.


From cupboards to accessories, it is important to assess each room of the house including all of your closets and cabinets. Declutter rooms and storage spaces by boxing up non-essential items and storing them out of sight. Take the time to neatly organize the remaining items and the contents in your closets and cabinets. Remember, people will often open cabinets and closets to get a feel for the amount of storage a home has so it is important to keep those areas looking tidy.


You’ve made your house your home over the years. It is likely that you have a number of family photos and keepsakes on your walls and shelves. Prior to showings though, it is a good idea to remove these personal touches. The goal is to create an environment that allows a potential buyer to envision their life in the home.


Fix cracked or stained surfaces and replace broken tiling. It is also a good idea to replace torn or worn flooring if it makes sense from a cost standpoint. A major remodel might not be in your budget, but making small cosmetic repairs and replacing damaged flooring with inexpensive carpet or laminate options can go a long way to help revitalize the look of the home’s space.


To lighten the home’s interior consider adding a fresh coat of neutral paint to the main living areas and bedrooms. Also, add new daylight LED bulbs to your lamps and lighting fixtures.  Prior to a showing turn on lamps and open blinds to brighten the interior and bring light to darker areas of the home. It’s also a good idea to remove any dead or dying houseplants and incorporate new plants or fresh flowers before a showing. 

Taking the time to clean, organize, remove, repair, and lighten up the interior of your home will give potential buyers a warm and welcoming experience in the home. A key thing to remember is that a clean and uncluttered home will invite them to imagine themselves as living in the home and increase the chance that they will make an offer. For more about these tips and other valuable home selling advice give me a call. My experience and market knowledge can help you achieve your real estate goals.